Masters in Modern Agriculture

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Masters in Modern Agriculture

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CropLife America’s Masters in Modern Agriculture (MMA) honorary degree is designed to help everyone learn something new about agriculture and crop protection products, whether you have years of experience within the industry, come from a farming background or know little-to-nothing about agriculture. Be sure to also check out our specialty certifications:

  • Founders of Modern Agriculture
  • Supporting Soil Health
  • Protecting Our Pollinators
  • Growing Nutritious Produce
  • Lab to Label
  • Reducing Food Loss Starting on the Farm


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Food Loss Lesson Plan

Reducing food waste and loss requires commitment from the entire food chain, from farmers in the field all the way to consumers in the home. The conversation on food loss also creates an opportunity to discuss why and how farmers use pesticides to grow more efficiently. This lesson plan provides students with concepts to help them both reduce waste as a consumer and learn how farmers use pesticide technology to prevent damage to crops.



Our #AgLoudAgProud initiative is designed to unite those who support U.S. farmers and ranchers, today’s agricultural methods and future generations of ag leaders through snapping selfies tagged #AgLoudAgProud and post them to Twitter and Instagram. We hope that your organization will join us this year to create meaningful messages and images that show the strength and diversity of American farming.

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