Executive Leadership

Jay Vroom Photo

Jay Vroom

President and Chief Executive Officer

Janet Collins Photo

Dr. Janet Collins

Executive Vice President,
Science & Regulatory Affairs

Laisha Dismuke Photo

Laisha Dismuke 

Administrative Vice President and Human Resource Director

Beau Greenwood Photo

Beau Greenwood

Executive Vice President,
Government Relations and Public Affairs

Bill Kuckuck Photo

William Kuckuck

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Lattimore Photo

Rachel Lattimore

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Doug Nelson Photo

Douglas Nelson

Senior Advisor for Trade, Intellectual Property and Strategic Issues

Mary Jo Tamalewski Photo

Mary Jo Tomalewski

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO


Sarah Edison Photo

Sarah Grace Edison 

Communications Assistant 

Ava Frakes Photo

Ava Frakes

Communications Coordinator 

Sarah Macedo Photo

Sarah Macedo

Manager, New Media Content

Genevieve O'Sullivan Photo

Genevieve O'Sullivan 

Director, Communications and Marketing 

Legal Affairs

Amanda Maizel Photo

Amanda Maizel



Doreen Manchester

Deputy General Counsel


Government and Legislative Affairs

Fred Bosco Photo

Fred Bosco

Government Relations Coordinator

Kellie Bray Photo

Kellie Bray

Senior Director, Government Affairs 

Jeff Case Photo

Jeff Case

Senior Director, Government Affairs

Ethan Mathews Photo

Ethan Mathews

Director, Government Affairs

Science and Regulatory Affairs

Courtney DeMarco Photo

Courtney DeMarco

Science and Regulatory Coordinator

Ray McAllister Photo

Dr. Ray McAllister

Senior Director, Regulatory Policy 



Tasha Brown 

Office Services Assistant 

Angel Curry Photo

Angel Curry

Accounting Assistant

Jessica Lamb Photo

Jessica Lamb 

Accounting Manager

Mitzi Miller Photo

Mitzi Miller

Administration Coordinator 

Francesca Purcell Photo

Francesca Purcell

Director of Meetings and Events 

Michelle Tiller Photo

Michelle Tiller