To ensure crop protection products and their suppliers are recognized for their long-term and vital role in the protection of public health, the environment and biodiversity, and meeting the urgent need for food, feed, alternative energy and fiber for a rapidly expanding world population and global economy.


Advocating for and promoting the responsible use of innovative, safe and environmentally sound crop protection technologies that protect public health, the environment and biodiversity, and are essential to the global production of safe, affordable and sustainable food, feed, fiber and renewable or alternative energy.

Who We Are and What We Do:

CropLife America (CLA) is the national trade association that represents the manufacturers, formulators and distributors of pesticides. CLA’s member companies produce, sell and distribute virtually all the vital and necessary crop protection and biotechnology products used by farmers, ranchers and landowners. The association is governed by a board of directors that guides and defines our strategic goals. Our offices are in Washington, D.C.

CLA encourages all types of farming and farming practices and supports environmental policies that are based on sound science, best practices and maintain farmers and companies’ competitive advantage. Collaboration and transparency are critical to our work. On behalf of our members, we provide legislative and regulatory advocacy, legal support and communications outreach so that our member companies can provide the agricultural products and technology that are behind our safe food supply, and that reduce risks from destructive pests and diseases.