Tell Me More is CropLife America’s educational program about the benefits of the crop protection industry, created especially for employees of CLA member companies. Tell Me More aims to educate employees about the crop protection industry and modern agriculture, to enhance worker pride and knowledge, and to increase comfort in speaking about the industry and issues surrounding it.


Through the materials found on this website, you can educate your colleagues, staff, local civic organizations, or even your next-door neighbors with posters, fact sheets and more. Click through the website and check out the resources that you have right at your fingertips! Contact Ava Frakes at with any suggestions or questions here.


Masters in Modern Ag

Earn your Masters in Modern Ag (MMA)! CLA’s MMA program is designed to help everyone learn something new about agriculture and crop protection products, whether you have years of experience within the industry, come from a farming background or know little-to-nothing about agriculture. The main MMA degree includes two short quizzes as well as an opportunity to share a written or video testimonial on your personal connection to modern agriculture. After receiving the MMA, learners can complete seven MMA specialty certifications: Founders of Modern AgSupporting Soil HealthProtecting Our Pollinators; Lab to Label; Growing Nutritious Produce; Reducing Food Loss Starting on the Farm; and The Talk. Click here to register, use MMALearner as the subscriber key and become a true master of modern agriculture!