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CLA and RISE 2019 Regulatory Conference

  • Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel (map)
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The CropLife America & RISE Regulatory Conference is the preeminent scientific and technical forum for the pesticide industry and regulators. Speakers will provide technical and policy input on issues related to pollinators, ecological and human health risk assessment, endangered species risk assessment, MRLs and international trade, and much more. Come participate in interactive sessions and network with conference attendees. Click here to view the agenda.

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Thursday, April 4
Series I: Good Epidemiology Practices for Pesticide Exposure Assessment: the Time has Come

Series I: Science Policy Activities for Endangered Species Risk Assessment

Series II: Exposure-based Toxicity Testing for Human Health Assessment

Series II: Perspectives on MRLs and International Trade

Series II: Linking Endpoints to Protection Goals for Endangered Species Risk Assessment

Series III: Water, Water, Everywhere: Methods to Estimate Concentrations of Pesticides in Drinking Water and Their Impact on Dietary Risk Assessment

Series III: Social Media Success: Influencers Create Buzz

Series III: MRL Challenges for the Food and Beverage Industry

Series III: Electronic Label Submission: Current Work and Plans for the Future

Friday, April 5
Series IV: When Will the Alternative Become the New Standard? Integrating and Accepting Predictive Toxicology Methods for Carcinogenicity Assessment as a Replacement to the Rodent Cancer Bioassay

Series IV: Innovation in Product Formulation

Series IV: Part 1 - Potential Options for Up-front Species Conservation and the Benefits of These Practices to the ESA Consultation Process

Series V: Product Stewardship for Pollinators: Practices and Collaboration Among Stakeholders

Series V: Efficiencies in the Regulation of Product Chemistry

Series V: Part 2 - Potential Options for Up-front Species Conservation and the Benefits of These Practices to the ESA Consultation Process

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CLA 2018 Government Policy Weekend

Registration is now open for the 2018 CropLife America Government Policy Weekend in Amelia Island, Florida, at The Ritz-Carlton from September 21 – 23! Please click here to register. Please click here for the agenda.

For a limited time, we have an amazing rate at the beautiful Omni Amelia Island Plantation located just three miles from the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island. 

Click here to book your group rates at our sister group hotel for the meeting. We're providing AM & PM shuttle service Saturday - Tuesday! 

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CLA and RISE 2018 Regulatory Conference

  • Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel (map)
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AGENDA: Click here.

PANELIST PRESENTATIONS: Thursday, April 26, 2018

Series I, Studio D - Pesticide Imports and Exports: Facilitating Global Commerce

Series I, Salon 4 - What We’ve Learned, What We Need: The FIFRA/ESA Consultation Process

Series II, Salon 4 - Emerging Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology for Precision Ag

Series I, Studio E - Application of Environmental Epidemiology in Risk Assessment and Decision-Making

Series II, Studio D - Charting a Path Forward for the Use of Population Modeling in Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) of Pesticides

Series II, Studio E - Trading Up: How Crop Protection Influences Agricultural Exports (and Vice Versa)

Series III, Studio D - Novel Approaches for Assessing Inhalation Risk in Human Health Risk Assessments

Series III, Salon 4 - When Endangered Species Mitigation and Risk Management Meet: Perspectives on Outcome

Series III, Studio E - Establishing Tolerances and MRLs: Down in the Weeds

PANELIST PRESENTATIONS: Friday, April 27, 2018

Series IV, Salon 1-3 - Pollinator Protection Priorities

Series IV, Studio D - Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for Human Health Protection: How Should We Approach Globalization of the Agrochemical Market?

Series IV, Studio E - Challenges and Recommendations for Generating and Utilizing Higher-Tier Data in Ecological Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Pesticides

Series V, Salon 1-3 - Other Ingredients and Their Roles in Crop Protection

Series V, Salon 4 - State of Toxicology Assessment in Human Health Risk Assessments

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