Biopesticides Conference Highlights Importance of IPM

Vancouver, B.C. – CropLife America President and CEO Jay Vroom spoke to the Biopesticides North America Conference today addressing: “Crop Protection and Biotech: Driving Change to Improve Integrated Pest Management (IPM)” in Vancouver B.C. The two-day conference brings together key industry stakeholders from the agriculture and chemicals industry, manufacturers and suppliers of crop protection and biological control products, farming associations, market analysts, technology providers, government representatives and academia to discuss issues facing the biopesticides industry.

“The best kept secret in agriculture is IPM. If you aren’t a farmer, you’ve likely never heard of this approach to sustainable farming. IPM is not just one approach it’s an “all of the above” set of solutions. It is the key to not only sustainable farming, but ensures a secure food system,” stated Mr. Vroom. “Innovative products developed by CLA members bring effective answers to pest and disease control challenges. These solutions include biological and synthetic products, as well as biotechnology, advanced plant breeding and precision farming tools and techniques.”

Mr. Vroom also addressed the importance of trade to U.S. agriculture. “Not only is trade vital to the health of the U.S. food and farming economy but allows consumers around the world access to a diverse and safe food supply. It is important to remember that science-based regulatory decisions, in all countries, are integral to ensure U.S. farmers are able to use the tools they need, while continuing to provide much needed nutrition for the rest of the world.”

IPM is evolving with the speed of science and technology, and CLA continues to lead the way on outreach and engagement with all IPM stakeholders to ensure the best possible agriculture techniques are practiced. For more information on IPM, you can subscribe to the CropLife Foundation sponsored podcast POPagriculture. Dr. Steve Savage released a IPM focused episode earlier this year titled Bonus Episode: The ABCs of IPM, which is available on iTunes and Google Play Music store.


Sarah Macedo