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Monsanto Company

Monsanto is an agricultural company. When farmers succeed, they succeed. Using the tools of modern biology, they help farmers grow more yield sustainably so they can produce more and conserve more.

Working with Crop Protection Partners

As the world population increases, food security becomes more critical. In order to tackle the challenge of feeding a hungry world CropLife America  (CLA) works collaboratively with various crop protection partners to coordinate efforts. By partnering with allies in the promotion of and protection of modern agriculture, this comprehensive and cooperative approach allows the U.S., and the world, to meet the overall goal of sustainable agriculture.

CropLife America is proud to be part of the collective effort to prevent and control plant diseases and the impact of pests to the growth and production of healthy crops. Our many partners in this endeavor are indispensible to its success and include CropLife Foundation, our global network, state partners, regional partners, and affiliate agricultural organizations. By investing in cutting edge research with CropLife Foundation, becoming knowledgeable of issues affecting the agricultural industry from the world, state and regional perspectives all while supplementing CLA’s program with the expertise of our allied organizations, we are able to realize and communicate the benefits of a strong and modern agricultural industry and the technologies that support it.


To see a listing of CropLife America’s valuable partners and allies in ag, click here.



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