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CropLife Asia promotes the benefits and responsible use of crop protection and plant biotechnology products, as well as sound regulatory frameworks in support of sustainable agriculture in the Asia-Pacific region. CropLife Asia supports the work of 15 member associations and is led by member companies at the forefront of crop production research and development.

Crop Protection Litigation

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For All Legal Inquiries
CropLife America Legal Dept.
1156 15th Street, NW.
Washington, DC 20005
T: 202.296.1585

CropLife America and its Law Committee are actively engaged in safeguarding the ability to apply chemical crop protection products, and remain committed to ensuring that pesticides, many of which serve other beneficial functions besides agricultural uses, can continue to be used for their intended purposes. In doing so, CropLife America files amicus briefs, petitions, letters of support/opposition, and comments relevant to cases affecting our industry. This level of active legal involvement in the major litigation affecting our industry ensures that our member companies concerns and rights are heard by those who make and enforce the laws that govern the chemical crop protection industry.


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