Crop Protection Facts

Farmers get back at least $14.60 for every $1 invested on fungicides which allows them to use that money to further invest in seeds and other farming implements to grow more and better crops.

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Innovation & Modern Pesticides

Formulators, manufacturers, distributors and applicators of crop protection products are committed to the innovations that make modern agriculture safer and more successful than ever.

Today, many growers in the United States hire independent professional consultants to manage their product use, and only request applications of pesticides when a problem arises. They also use products that are specific to the individual or group of pests present. This has led some crops, such as cotton, to reduce applications from 20-40 per year down to 4-5 in the majority of cases.Crop protection product manufacturers have made tremendous advances in modern-day formulations. We now have many highly-targeted pesticides that affect only the specific pests. In addition to safer products that leave the environment more quickly, overall product use is in much lower quantities because the modern products are much more targeted and effective.


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