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Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience is  one of the world's leading innovative cropscience companies in the area of crop protection, non agricultural pest-control, seeds and plant biotechnology. They strive to build long term, consistent, predictable and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and stakeholders, and aim to generate value through innovation.

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CropLife Asia

CropLife Asia promotes the benefits and responsible use of crop protection and plant biotechnology products, as well as sound regulatory frameworks in support of sustainable agriculture in the Asia-Pacific region. CropLife Asia supports the work of 15 member associations and is led by member companies at the forefront of crop production research and development.

Crop Protection Facts

Crop protection products combat global malnutrition and starvation by increasing crop yields, helping families worldwide afford more fresh produce. Currently, one-sixth of the world population, over 900 million people, suffers from malnutrition and continued advances in crop protection are needed as the world’s population grows.

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Crop Protection Resources and Multimedia

When available, CropLife America is proud to present video and audio recordings of its meetings, testimonies, and interviews.

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  • Conservation & Modern Ag
    Billions of people around the globe will celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Past National Policy Conference speakers Molly Jahn (University of Wisconsin-Madison),
  • 2014 CLA/RISE Spring Conference
    Have you registered for the 2014 CLA/RISE Spring Conference yet? Panelists from 2013 (Leonard Jordan, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Laura Wood Peterson,
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    How has agriculture changed in the last eight decades? Our animated video tracks the evolution of modern agriculture from 1930 to today.
  • Weed Resistance
    To manage weed resistance, farmers must use a variety of tools and techniques. As the crop protection industry continually adjusts to develop solutions,
  • The Benefits of Seed Treatment
    Seed treatment is a precise mode of applying crop protection products directly to the surface of a seed, providing protection during the plant’s most
  • EU Impact Assessment
    European Union (EU) regulations on certain crop protection products have the potential to negatively impact 40 percent, or more than $4 billion, of exports
  • Modern Agriculture
    How can farmers produce healthy food for a growing planet and take care of the environment? Modern agriculture! Modern agriculture tools and techniques
  • Happy Holidays
    Happy holidays from everyone at CropLife America
  • The Role of Seed Treatment
    Farmers must meet an array of demands and challenges every day: growing crops that have minimal disease and insect damage, protecting the environment and
  • The Role of Conservation Ag
    During the last 80 years, modern agriculture has advanced to help sustain our natural resources. Through conservation practices such as conservation tillage

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