CropLife America Applauds Farm Bill Conference Leadership

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CropLife America commends the leadership of the conference committee in producing a Farm Bill conference report that addresses important issues, as farmers prepare for their next growing season. Language included in the Farm Bill places greater importance on the interagency process established earlier this year by key agencies for endangered species review of pesticides, giving Congress an opportunity to help create a more efficient process for harmonizing agriculture and endangered species conservation.

“We especially applaud the work of the conference committee in addressing how pesticides are reviewed under the Endangered Species Act,” said Beau Greenwood, Executive Vice President for Government Relations. “We look forward to working closely with Congress and all stakeholders to identify measures to better protect species and allow for a more predictable pesticide registration process,” concluded Greenwood.

Although we are pleased with the progress on the Farm Bill, there is still important work to be done to pass Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) reauthorization. We encourage Congress to move forward on PRIA before the end of 2018, to ensure EPA has the resources needed to register and review new and existing pesticides.

Sarah Macedo