CropLife America Launches New Website

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CropLife America (CLA) is proud to announce the launch of its revamped website, unveiled today. The redesigned website still features timely information about the crop protection industry, but with an updated look and easily shareable modern agriculture resources (i.e. infographics, posters, etc.). The goal is to enhance overall operation, navigability and present a more mobile-friendly platform.

Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CLA, mentioned his sentiments towards this progression in online presence. “As a leading voice of pesticide technology in ag, it’s fitting that we evolve with the public’s increasing reliance on online resources,” Vroom stated. “I believe the new site is especially important to further our mission and message with practical accessibility and convenience. We look forward to providing this updated tool to our members, the agriculture community and as a resource to the general public.”

In response to social media’s advancement as a primary channel for messaging, the aesthetic features of the website’s mobile compatibility will allow users on-the-go to be even more receptive to content sharing and engagement. CLA’s new website will also allow users to share infographics, articles and events to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube in a one-click fashion. Additionally, the #GiveACrop tab is now featured under ‘Resources’, to further education efforts on the necessity of pesticides, with a humorous touch.

Sarah Macedo