CropLife America Promotes the Protection of Soil, Water and Air on Earth Day

WASHINGTON, DC – CropLife America (CLA) is excited to celebrate Earth Day tomorrow and recognize the importance of the world’s natural resources in growing food for every living being. Healthy soil and clean water are the foundation of our global food system, and it is imperative to advance technology to protect these vital resources. The crop protection industry remains committed to developing the most precise tools possible for fighting crop threats that target pests and eliminate or minimize adverse effects on the environment. Earth Day and the March for Science gatherings happening around the world tomorrow provide a prime opportunity for groups to discuss food science and how technology can contribute to protecting our soil, water and air.

“With Rachel Carson’s advocacy efforts and the subsequent inception of Earth Day, agriculture and many other industries were challenged to take a deeper look at the larger impacts of our work,” stated Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CLA. “The crop protection industry has a responsibility to keep food growing both today and into the future. The development of crop protection tools – such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides – rests in science. We encourage everyone participating in the marches and other Earth Day activities tomorrow to take a second look at how we can use technology to bring agriculture forward, while protecting the planet!”

The 2017 global Earth Day theme, developed by the Earth Day Network (EDN), is Environmental & Climate Literacy. The organization is encouraging participation at the March for Science in Washington, DC, tomorrow, stating on its website: “This Earth Day, join the effort to defend the vital public service role science plays in our communities and our world. Science serves all of us. It protects our air and water, preserves our planet, saves lives with medical treatments, creates new industries, puts food on our tables, educates the next generation, and safeguards our future.”

CLA has developed downloadable materials that communicate how technology has helped make the U.S. a leader in sustainable food production, such as:

If you have ideas or concerns on how to move U.S. farming forward, get involved now with the conversation online with #FoodForward or #GiveaCrop. CLA actively engages with consumers, food bloggers, farmers, chefs, foodies, journalists and others interested in food production on social media, including FacebookTwitter and Instagram. For more information on how farmers use crop protection technology to grow healthful and nutritious food, visit

Michael Leary