CropLife America Supports Safety

CLA Has Concerns with Newly Final WPS Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CropLife America (CLA) and its members have always placed safety as the highest priority. “We see attention to all things safety-related, first and foremost, as an everyday activity – part of a culture in all operations for manufacturing, use and on-farm work as well,” notes CLA CEO Jay Vroom. “The role of government is also important, and there has always been an essential collaboration between the private sector and government that helped encourage safety advancement and innovation.”

“We are disappointed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to move forward on Monday to finalize the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) revisions. This rule is enormous – over 300 pages including its massive preamble – and may well contain some improvements and additional problems beyond the scope of the original proposal,” Vroom observes. “But Monday’s announcement rhetoric and the inclusion of only one stakeholder group with the EPA and U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) officials puts a disappointing political spin on safety we were not expecting.”

“Notwithstanding Monday’s surprise tactics, CLA renews its commitment to the government and all stakeholders to work to build on the record of safety for pesticide use in the US and to find ways to constructively engage to advance safety in all aspects of pesticide manufacture, storage, application, use, and farm worker potential exposure,” Vroom concluded. “We will respond in greater detail about the specifics of the new rule once our teams have thoroughly evaluated the entirety of the rule revisions.”  

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Michael Leary