CropLife America Looks Forward to Working with New Administration on Ag Issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CropLife America (CLA) has issued the following statement from Jay Vroom, president and CEO:

“CropLife America wishes to congratulate Donald J. Trump on being elected as our next President of the United States. We would also like to commend the many Senators and members of the House of Representatives who retained their seats or won for the first time, and additional congratulations to those who offered loyal opposition. Though the campaign season was especially intense and hard-fought, the peaceful transition from one administration to the next shows the strength of our democracy and is a testament to our nation’s commitment to the ideals of our founding fathers.

Just as in the days of George Washington, a productive agricultural sector remains vital to our national success. The goal of agriculture and the crop protection industry – to grow enough nutritious food for all – crosses party lines, and U.S. farming enjoys vivacious involvement from a variety of stakeholders. As you begin the work of building out your plans and further developing your strategies for the coming year, we look forward to working closely with you on agricultural and crop protection technology policies. The crop protection and biotech industry, along with all in agriculture, depend on unity of purpose for what we do, and we seek as much bipartisan policy in the U.S. as possible to maintain and extend a predictable, science-based regulatory system upon which to invest.

CLA is a proud advocate for pesticide technology, used by organic and conventional growers alike. The association represents the manufacturers, formulators and distributors of crop protection nationwide, and our members are eager to open up conversation with all of our elected officials on many topics, including the importance of science in pesticide regulation. In addition, we have signed a letter written by the National Association of Manufacturers, along with 1,100 others, embracing the responsibility of the manufacturing sector to help unite the country now that the election has been decided. This letter expresses our commitment to #BeTheSolution and restore faith in our vital economic and government institutions.

Again, congratulations to the all of the election victors! We look forward to constructively working with the new Trump Administration and new Congress to engage and implement policy that allows American farmers to be their best at what they do. Much work lies ahead of us, and we in the private sector are eager to get started and continue to partner with government officials on the important issues surrounding growing affordable food in an environmentally-sustainable manner.”

Michael Leary