CropLife America Encourages Consumers to Have “The Talk”

WASHINGTON, DC – CropLife America (CLA) launched an online video campaign today titled, “The Talk,” to encourage consumers to re-consider the importance of pesticide technology in growing healthy produce. Whether you can remember that nightmare conversation you had with your parents as a teenager or have had to talk with HR about an annoying co-worker, we can all remember uncomfortable-yet-important “talks” that have impacted our lives for the better. The conversation on why farmers use pesticides is another necessary talk to have, and CLA is sharing this message with consumers through a new video campaign.

The four social media focused videos include:

  • Backyard Barbeque – If Tiki torches were formulated to ward off party crashers, you’d never let the wicks go dry.
  • Friendly Advice – Sometimes the only thing standing between you and blight is a little friendly advice.
  • Office Pest – They may not have cause to fire him. Yet. But Gary in HR isn’t standing between America’s farmers and the pests who eat their crops.
  • Wild Oats – Want future generations to #GiveaCrop? Make sure you have the talk.

“Every person, regardless of where and how he or she shops for food, has his or her own priorities and opinions about farming and food,” stated Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CLA. “Though growers use a variety of growing methods to meet consumer preferences and needs, all farms must deal with pests and crop disease. Through this campaign, we want to reach consumers with diverse viewpoints and start an on-going conversation about why and how pesticides are used and the benefits of these products.”

Given that less than 1% of the American population works in farming[1], CLA hopes “The Talk” will help educate consumers about the choices farmers make and bring them one step closer to the farm. All of the videos are posted online at along with other educational materials, including a Myth vs. Fact webpage, Pest themed gifs and memes and other resources. CLA encourages consumers, foodies, and other agvocates to use #GiveACrop to speak up and show that you’re not afraid to have “the talk” about the produce you love and the pests you don’t. For more information on why farmers use crop protection technology, including herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, visit

[1]U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Ag 101. Ag 101 was originally produced in 2002 and has been periodically updated. Copyright 2002 by Purdue Research Foundation.

Michael Leary