CropLife America and RISE Promote Value of Science in Stopping Pest Threats

WASHINGTON, DC – CropLife America (CLA) and RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)® have teamed up to promote the value of pesticide technology through a new video, Know Your Pest! The animated video depicts beetles, mosquitoes and other pest threats encroaching upon a farm and a city, only to be stopped in their tracks by “science and the wonder of pesticides.” The final video tagline shares a fact upon which all consumers can agree: Nobody likes a pest.

Communication campaigns launched by CLA and RISE help to further explain the role that pesticides play in agriculture and in protecting public health. RISE shares information about specialty pesticides used in managing turf, stopping invasive species and preventing the spread of insect-transmitted diseases. Similarly, CLA’s online video campaign, #GiveaCrop, encourages consumers to consider the importance of pesticide technology in growing healthy produce. Given the success of #GiveaCrop, CLA and RISE took the opportunity to partner to produce a video focused on the benefits of both specialty and agricultural pesticides.

“Consumers depend on farmers to produce nutritious food, free from pests and crop disease,” stated Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CLA. “No matter the type of growing method a farmer chooses to use – including organic and conventional methods – crop protection products are a necessary and vital tool in any pest management plan. CLA’s members remain dedicated to advancing crop protection technology so that our grocery stores can stay stocked with healthy options without pest damage.”

“Specialty pesticides keep us safe and healthy as we go about our daily lives whether we choose a do-it-yourself product or hire a professional. Sharing that message is one of our goals with this new video.” noted Aaron Hobbs, RISE president.

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Michael Leary