CropLife America Celebrates the International Year of Soils: Modern Agriculture Plays Increasing Role in Conservation Efforts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CropLife America (CLA) is pleased to celebrate the International Year of Soils(IYS), an initiative launched by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations for 2015. Within the framework of the Global Soil Partnership, the goal of IYS 2015 is to increase awareness about the importance of soil for food security and ecosystem functions. Among a number of objectives, IYS 2015 seeks to promote investment in sustainable soil management activities.

Modern agriculture plays an increasingly important role in environmental sustainability and soil conservation. Through the use of crop protection products, farmers can employ conservation tillage and decrease the erosion of soil up to 90%.1 Fuel use also drops, with a reduction of 558 million gallons a year or 22.2 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Farmers depend on healthy soils,” comments Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CLA. “Since the 1985 Farm Bill, we’ve seen great advancements in soil conservation practices. Crop protection products and forward-thinking farm policies have contributed greatly to the public good. We must continue to invest in research about soil and the organisms that live in it to further develop our farming practices.”

Throughout the year, CLA will focus on the importance of soil and the role that modern agriculture plays in its conservation. CLA is pleased to support the Soil Renaissance initiative led by the Samuel Roberts Nobel Foundation and the Farm Foundation, NFP, and help communicate with colleagues to the public about advancements in science and farming practices. Visit for more information on how modern agriculture helps growers practice conservation tillage and other environmentally sustainable techniques.

1 Communicating the Safety of Our Healthy Produce User Toolkit, CropLife America.

Michael Leary