CropLife America President Discusses Modern Agriculture Communications

ANAHEIM, CA – The president and CEO of CropLife America (CLA), Jay Vroom, spoke today about the challenges of communicating about modern agriculture while presenting at the 40th annual conference of the California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA). “When responsible people do responsible things, there should be an opportunity for constructive dialogue to advance progress,” Vroom said. “That's what we are all about in modern agriculture: reasonable people doing reasonable things. However, the tenor of dialogue has shifted to vilify science-based technology, especially in key public policy venues.”

Vroom noted that it is simple to answer the challenges against technologies that farmers rely on to produce more and better food. “We need to connect with audiences and communicate both the science behind our innovations and the passion we have for the reasonable things we are accomplishing in farming.” CLA’s Tell Me More initiative is a helpful resource in establishing these connections. Posters, infographics and blog posts help disseminate key talking points and facts about modern agriculture and crop protection. Now in its fourth year, Tell Me More is spreading to a wider audience and continues to evolve to meet the needs of those in the modern agricultural industry.

“There are a billion people around the world that suffer from inadequate nutrition today, and that number is estimated to grow another 2 billion by 2050,” Vroom said in conclusion, recalling last week’s observance of World Food Day in Des Moines, Iowa. “We are reminded that there is little choice. We need increased communications outreach to help people better understand modern farming as much as we need science in today’s agriculture.” 

Michael Leary