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2017 CLA and RISE Regulatory Conference

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, April 6, 2017

  1. Series I: Challenges for Registration and Registration Review
    Michael Goodis, U.S. EPA OPP, Registration Division
    Yu-Ting Guilaran, U.S. EPA OPP, Pesticide Re-Evaluation Division
  2. Series I: Risk Assessment in Aquatic Environments
    Jim Hetrick, U.S. EPA OPP, Environmental Fate and Effects Division
    Sean McGee, Bayer
    Dwayne Moore, Intrinsik Environmental Sciences, Inc.
  3. Series I: Alternatives in Laboratory Approaches to Risk Assessment for Human Health
    Anna Lowit, U.S. EPA OPP, Health Effects Division
  4. Series II: Screening Approaches for Drinking Water Assessments
    Pat Havens, Dow AgroSciences
    Russell Jones, Bayer
    Kimberly Nesci and Mark Corbin, U.S. EPA OPP, Environmental Fate and Effects Division
  5. Series II: Defining Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – Impacts on International Trade
    Greg Skelton, American Chemistry Council
  6. Series III: State Managed Pollinator Protection Plans (MP3)
    Gene Brandi, American Beekeeping Association
    – Dudley Hoskins, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
    Mike Goodis, U.S. EPA OPP, Registration Division
    Caydee Savinelli, Syngenta
  7. Series III: Sediment Ecotoxicology Risk Assessment
    Amy Blankinship and Keith Sappington, U.S. EPA OPP, Environmental Fate and Effects Division
    – Ted Valenti, Syngenta Crop Protection
  8. Series III: Systematic Review and Best Practice Standards – Application to Human Epidemiology Studies
    Julie Goodman, Gradient
    Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Heather Lynch, Gradient
  9. Series IV: EPA’s Acute Risk Mitigation Policy to Protect Pollinators
    Randy Verhoek, American Honey Producers Association
  10. Series IV: Tools for Spray Drift Risk Assessment
    John Hanzas, Stone Environmental, Inc.
    Chuck Peck, U.S. EPA OPP, Environmental Fate and Effects Division
  11. Series IV: Regulation of Pesticide Labels in the 21st Century, Part II
    Zoe Emdur, U.S. EPA OPP, Field and External Affairs Division
    Bonnie Rabe, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
  12. Series IV: Integrated Data Assessments Using 21st Century Toxicology and Epidemiology Methods
    Carol Burns, Burns Epidemiology Consulting, LLC
    Timothy Pastoor, Pastoor Science Communications, LLC
    Rick Reiss, Exponent

Friday, April 7, 2017

  1. Series V: Codex Alimentarius and Pesticide Regulation
    Julie Chao, USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service
    David Miller, U.S. EPA OPP, Health Effects Division
    Mike Kashtock, FDA, Office of Food Safety
    Lois Rossi, Rossi Regulatory Consulting
  2. Series V: Criteria and Tools to Evaluate Synergy Data for Relevance to Ecological Risk Assessments
    Jason Belden, Oklahoma State University
    Steve Levine, Monsanto Company
    Ed Odenkirchen, U.S. EPA OPP, Environmental Fate and Effects Division
  3. Series V: Pollinator Power Session
    Zac Browning, Browning’s Honey Co., Inc.
    Mark Dykes, Texas Apiary Inspection Service
    Iain Kelly, Bayer
  4. Series VI: Formulation Changes
    Greg Lindner, Croda Inc.
    PV Shah, U.S. EPA OPP, Registration Division
    Solito Sumulong, Crop Production Services/Loveland Products
  5. Series VI: Hot Topics in Human Health Risk Assessment – IARC
    Mary Manibusan, Exponent
    Anastasia Swearingen, American Chemistry Council
    Doug Wolf, Syngenta Crop Protection
Earlier Event: December 16
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