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Crop protection contributes to U.S. energy security by supporting efficient corn growth and in turn, ethanol production.

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CropLife Foundation

CropLife Foundation (CLF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable and research organization.

The CropLife Foundation is a non-advocacy research and education non-profit created in 2001 to promote and advance sustainable agriculture and the environmentally sound use of crop protection products and bioengineered agriculture. The Foundation's research focuses on the use of crop protection products within the agriculture industry, why these products are used, and producing the first quantities look at the benefits of crop protection products. The Foundation has produced presentations, articles, and written three comprehensive reports detailing these benefits. These major reports are entitled "The Value of Fungicides in U.S. Crop Production," "The Value of Herbicides in U.S. Crop Production," and "The Value of Insecticides in U.S. Crop Production." In addition the Foundation in 2006 launched on its website the National Pesticide Use Database, the only national, comprehensive, publicly available pesticide use database.

In the past year the CropLife Foundation has expanded its focus beyond the U.S. to look at the devastating weed problem in sub-Saharan Africa and the potential for herbicides to alleviate the burden.

Through sound science-based discovery, the Foundation will help global agriculture economically produce, safe, high quality, abundant food fiber, and other crops, thus ensuring food security and alleviating poverty, suffering, and hardship.

You may learn more about the Foundation on their website, or their Twitter feed. Click here to learn more about CropLife StewardshipFirst.




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