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Crop Protection Expertise

CropLife America provides expert legislative, legal and scientific advisory services, helping navigate the complex federal, state and agency policy formulation, regulation and implementation that affect modern American agriculture. To learn more, click here.

Defending Crop Protection and Biotech Intellectual Property

CropLife America believes in the fundamental role of intellectual property in the promotion of agricultural research and innovation. With an average time to market for each new product exceeding 10 years in most cases, due to stringent regulatory approval timelines, the crop protection industry could not contribute to future investment without patent protection. For a postion paper on Protection of Regulatory Data, as well as more information on intellectual property, click here.

Biotechnology and Crop Protection

CropLife America, along with its sister organization, Croplife International, works to ensure science-based regulations that maximize the benefits of plant technologies and enable continued research, while taking a lifecycle approach to stewardship of these products – from gene discovery through product phase-out.

To learn more about biotechnology, please access CropLife International’s Biotechnology and Safety Benefits Database.